Suturing Course

Wound Closure Course (Including Suturing)

We are delighted to be running a practical course on wound closure and suturing training, covering everything that a healthcare professional needs to know to deliver wound-closure in practice. This course is suitable for people who want to learn suturing from scratch, or who wanted a refresher on wound closure and wound care management. We will be covering:

  • Wound Anatomy
  • Irrigation and cleaning a wound
  • Wound closure techniques and how to decide on what to use and when (including suturing, steri-strips, wound adhesive)
  • In-depth practical experience of suturing using high-quality instruments and manikins
  • Limitations of what is safe in primary care
  • Red flags and when to refer
  • Risk of dehiscence, infection and how to manage complications
  • When to remove sutures

This course will run on Monday 10th June 2024 and will run from 09.00 - 15.00 at Novotel Hotel, 2 Great Central Square, Leicester LE1 4JS, Leicester

Delegates attending will get a FREE suturing pack to take home and continue practicing with, a handbook and receive certification after the course. The course fees are £150, which will cover the cost of the venue, materials and lunch.


The course will be led by Mr Navid Kabuli (Speciality Registrar in Plastic Surgery). Mr Kabuli has extensive experience in Plastic Surgery, and has in-depth experience in acute wound management. He is a dynamic, friendly, approachable and passionate teacher of all aspects of skin surgery.


Monday 10th June 2024

Unfortunately this course is now fully booked. To register your name on our waiting list for our next course, please email us using the button on the right