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Dr Abbas Tejani

Dr Abbas Tejani

Dr Israh Al-Taei

We are the directors of Cornerstone Medical. Abbas is a GP partner and Occupational Physician based in Leicester, UK. He also serves on the Executive Board of his local hospital trust, is the Chair for the City Academy at Leicester Medical School and is an Honorary Senior Lecturer at the Medical School of the University of Leicester. He actively carried out Minor Surgery, and undertakes approximately 2,500 procedures a year.

Israh is also a GP in Leicester and has been actively involved in medical education for the last 9 years. Her passion for medical education is deeply ingrained and she is extremely innovative when generating ideas for new methods of teaching. The vast majority of the ideas for the educational events are usually hers!

Together, Abbas and Israh have organised and arranged hundreds of educational events, conferences and courses for GPs over the last decade.

They have always been extremely passionate and enthusiastic about medical education and have won numerous awards between them, recognising their provision of excellence in medical education.

As young clinicians serving on the front-line, they are fully aware of the challenges that face modern doctors, especially GPs. They know and understand what clinicians want to harness from educational events and what the common pitfalls are with most educational events.

They and their team work fervently to ensure we source the best speakers and demonstrators, creating educational experiences that are second to none.

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